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Innovation, Technology and EHSQ

We are Innovation Advocates working at the intersection of innovation, technology and EHSQ.  Our passion involves engaging startups and innovative businesses of all sizes to bring new solutions to EHSQ challenges.  
Our Experience

We work with forward-thinking organizations which realize that EHSQ performance functions as a bellwether of organizational culture. Building trust-based relationships between EHSQ and business leadership allows an organization to evaluate risk through this new lens: EHSQ performance is outcome of businesses processes and risk/reward decisions.

Results and Impact
Organizations desiring “EHSQ culture change” should evaluate the impact of internal risk/reward processes across all aspects of the enterprise.  An organization’s ability to grasp the impact of business decisions on worker safety, product quality and external reputation is key to driving culture evolution.  Utilizing existing organizational relationships and engaging leaders are essential in evolving EHSQ culture to a new normal. 
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