providing small and medium - sized businesses a cost-effective approach to accessing EHSQ professionals

What is BB+SK SafetyShare?

BB+SK SafetyShare program is designed to provide smaller and mid- sized businesses a cost-effective approach to accessing EHSQ professionals.  SafetyShare addresses the needs of these companies who require the skills of EHSQ professionals without the burden of the costs associated with full-time employees.  This approach provides SafetyShare program companies access to specialized technical information and customized solutions. We believe the SafetyShare program offers these firms the most economical route to access EHSQ professionals.

How the BB+SK SafetyShare Program Works

Businesses can purchase blocks of hours in 200 hour (1/10 share or one month’s duration) increments for access to BB+SK SafetyShare EHSQ professionals.  For example, a smaller manufacturing firm needing only infrequent access to SafetyShare EHSQ resources can prepurchase a 400 hour block (1/5 share) of hours to use throughout a calendar year.  This arrangement allows the company to allocate funds budget for safety resources.  Share blocks can be added as client SafetyShare EHSQ needs increase due to complexity, company growth, project award or client-specific requirements.  BB+SK SafetyShare EHSQ professionals work to identify risks, hazardous conditions and make recommendations to create a compliant work site/facility.  Contact BBSK Partners to arrange a consultation to design your SafetyShare program.

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